Cat Totem / Spirit Guide

Here is little something for everyone whose spirit guide is a cat...

Mystery, Magic and Independence
A cat totem encourages agility in both body and mind.
You will be challenged with new ideas and places.
The cat gives you clearer perception.
This spirit helper is resourceful, strong and fearless.
It will give you courage and confidence. 
Examine the colors, character and behaviors of your Cat.
Everything about it will reflect in your own life.
When a Cat becomes predominant in your life,
magic and mystery come alive.
Associated with the Norse Goddess of Fertility Freyja
and the Hindu Goddess of Childbirth, Shasthi
and of course, the Egyptian Goddess Bastet who takes the form of a cat.

The cat is a symbol of intuition and independence, and this is particularly true of the cat spirit guide. The domestic cat, along with close cousins the wildcats, offer powerful guidance to the shaman when they appear as an animal familiar. The shaman with a cat spirit guide is sure to always land on his or her feet!

Cat Power Animal Symbolizes Self-Assurance

Despite millennia in the company of man, the cat by no means considers itself to be inferior to its human companions. The cat simply radiates self-assurance, and he shares this noble quality with his human familiar. What a wonderful trait to enjoy on inner shamanic journeys which often present very unfamiliar and disorientating imagery.
The shamanic practitioner who calls upon on his or her totem cat is sure to draw much insight and perspective in the most unnerving of circumstances.

The Warm Love of the Cat Spirit Guide
The cat spirit guide can be very loving and affectionate, but on their own terms. Nobody should take the cat spirit guide for granted. The cat shaman him or herself can appear unpredictable, but in fact he or she has their own unique worldview in which every action makes sense. Often, intuition is more important than logic, as the cat’s wisdom is feminine and does not always bend in the face of sheer reason. But do not make the mistake of underestimating the powerful insight of the cat!
Those with a totem cat spirit guide are very likely to have a cat as a companion in the material realm, or at least to be deeply fascinated by the cats they encounter. Watch cats’ behavior closely as it will provide valuable clues about the wide variety of strengths and skills of the cat. All of these talents apply equally well in the spirit realm during shamanic journeys.

The Cat Animal Familiar can be Determined and Single Minded

The cat spirit guide can offer swiftness, single-mindedness and remarkable stealth! The cat’s unusual approach to many challenging situations that may be encountered on shamanic journeys can give speedy and unexpected breakthroughs. Anyone who has watched a cat stalk a mouse will know just how skilled he can be when pursuing a goal.

Shamans fortunate enough to have a cat power animal know an intuitive, self-assured and skilled companion on shamanic journeys.

How do you know if the cat is your totem? As with any animal totem it has to do more with how the animal relates with you spiritually than with personal preference. To discover if the cat is your totem think of whether images of the cat has shown up to you often during times of meditation or if cats seem to appear in your life more than other animals. Also, think of whether you particularly drawn to the strengths and characteristics of the cat such as curiosity, grace and cleverness.
The cat totem is one that encourages clear perception, an agile mind and body, strong resourcefulness and independence. The cat can also be a strong challenger, encouraging you to come up with new ideas and visit new places. Because of its quick and clever mind, the cat can offer helpful inspiration if you find yourself stuck in a problem or your creative juices feel depleted. If you’re looking for an added boost of courage or confidence, the cat is the totem to call upon.
A very interesting note about the cat is that their energy field is said to rotate in the opposite direction of the human energy field. Because of this it is believed that the energy of cats can neutralize any negative energy that may affect a human. For this reason cats are often viewed as powerful healers.

If the cat is your totem you most certainly have some powerful and mysterious energy in your life. And even if it is not your personal totem you can always call upon the energy of the cat to assist you in life when you feel it’s necessary.

Littlest lion, panther in miniature,
Help me on my magical endeavors,
Teach me to see my path through dark places,
Help me to sift the necessary from the unnecessary
And to relax and enjoy life.
Strenghten my magic and carry it to its destination.

By Elizabeth Farrell

Monday, 11 October 2010 at 05:06

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i had spirit cats visit me one night. they did cerimonies while i watched. it was the most profound expierience of my life. nobody beleived me but i know what i saw ... four mour months ago

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